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About This Episode

Glen Dunzweiler joins the student loan podcast to share why life is more than student loans. With the New Year well under way, Glen will help you get your mindset on track to accomplish your goals of paying off your student loans and also living the life you want. 

Glen Dunzweiler wants students to succeed! After teaching at universities for eleven years and seeing students put themselves into debt with no exit strategy, he looks to give students the tools he wishes he had while he was in school. Education doesn’t have to be the confusing poverty trap it has become.

Glen is also the creator of the documentary “yHomeless?” and the books Things I’ve Learned From The Homeless and A Degree in Homelessness? Entrepreneurial Skills for Students. He taught production design at universities for 11 years (UNLV, UCR, and CSUSB) and then, in 2015, moved to LA to focus on business. His mission is to grow people into wealth one story at a time. He is currently developing the biopic “Deuce” because “Life is an obstacle course. You playin’?!”

Get ready for some motivation as the Spring semester kicks off.



  • The importance of mindset in changing your student loan journey;
  • Developing a positive relationship with your student loans;
  • Entrepreneurial tips you can take as a student;
  • Not getting stuck in the student loan trap; and
  • much, much more…


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