How to Leave a Review for The Student Loan Podcast

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Apple Podcasts Review Steps


1) Open the Podcasts app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

screen shot of podcast library

2) Search for The Student Loan Podcast by navigating to the “Search” icon at the bottom left of your screen (the last menu tab on a screen reader). If you already subscribed, you can find The Student Loan Podcast by selecting it from your library (second to last icon at the bottom of your screen, or third tab if you are a screen reader). Note that you have to visit the series page which shows all the episodes, not just the page for a single episode.

circled search icon in Iphone podcasts app

screen shot of iphone podcasts app searching for the student loan podcast page

the student loan podcast iphone podcasts app episode page

3) Scroll down to find the subhead titled “Ratings & Reviews.”

screen shot of the ratings and review page of the student loan podcast on an iphone

4) Under one of the highlighted reviews, select “Write a Review.”

yellow circle around write a review text on iphone podcasts app

5) Next, select a star rating at the top — you have the option of choosing between one and five stars.

yellow circle around 5 stars for the student loan podcast on the iphone podcasts app

6) Using the text box at the top, write a title for your review. Then, in the lower text box, write your review. Your review can be up to 300 words long.

screen shot of sample review for the student loan podcast on iphone podcasts app

7) Once you’ve finished, select “Send” or “Save” in the top-right corner.

yellow circle around the icon to send or save a review using the iphone podcasts app

8) If you’ve never left a podcast review before, enter a nickname. Your nickname will be displayed next to any reviews you leave from here on out.


9) After selecting a nickname, tap OK. Your review may not be immediately visible, but assuming you don’t violate Apple’s terms by writing something offensive or spammy, it should be posted soon.


10) Thank you! We are grateful for your support and appreciate you taking time out of your day to leave us a review 🙂



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