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Cover Art of The Student Loan Podcast with Co-hosts Daphné Vanessa and Shamil Rodriguez

The Student Loan Podcast

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Here you’ll find practical advice on tackling student loan debt, paying down your higher education expenses and inspiring stories about paying off student loans.

Cover Art of The Student Loan Podcast with Co-hosts Daphné Vanessa and Shamil Rodriguez

About The Student Loan Podcast brings The Student Loan Podcast to listeners as its source for the latest news on the rising cost of higher education, tips and tricks for tacking student loans and paying for school, and inspirational stories from listeners like you.

Even though student loan debt and tuition costs continue to rise we, we don’t believe that should impact your ability to make life decisions for your family, career and community. We are working together to change the landscape and narrative surrounding student loans and the cost of higher education.


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74. Erica Peterson | Self Employed Parents and Student Loans

Episode Cover Art of Debbie Peterson for Episode 74 of the Student Loan Podcast

Debbie Peterson joins the Student Loan Podcast to share her story of being a parent trying to navigate FAFSA and taking out student loans for her son while being self employed.

Being self employed and helping pay for your kids to go to school isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. Luckily, Debbie shares her experience of how she was able to get it done and she also provides recommendations for how the system can improve for self employed parents looking to help their children with paying for school.

We discuss:

  • how self-employment can hurt your chances of obtaining financial aid;
  • the perspective of a parent looking to help their children pay for school;
  • the need for parents to speak up and share their experiences to help shape change in the financial aid process; and
  • much, much, more…

Season 1, Episode 74 | Show Notes

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Daphné Vanessa

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Shamil Rodriguez

Shamil and Daphné started the Student Loan Podcast in 2017 to address the exploding need to have conversations about a major issue impacting youth in today’s generation – student loan debt.  Join us on a journey to unpack student loan debt, and find solutions to get everyone closer to being student loan-debt free!

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