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The Student Loan Podcast is your resource for all things student loans and tuition.  Come and learn how people destroyed the shackles of student loan debt and achieved peace and success in life. 

About The Student Loan Podcast brings The Student Loan Podcast to listeners as its source for the latest and not-so-greatest on the rising cost of higher education. Student loan debt and tuition costs continue to rise and we will work together so that we do not get caught in the tide. Join Daphné Vanessa and Shamil Rodriguez as they discuss student loans, tuition, and everything in between. 

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Episode 28: Jameson David Lopez | Graduating with a PhD and Zero Student Loan Debt

Cartoon Graphic of Dr. Jameson David Lopez for Episode 28 of the Student Loan Podcast

Today’s guest, Dr. Jameson David Lopez, also known as “JD”, shares how a dime changed the way he looked at financing his education. It’s crazy how 10 cents led him on a path of ultimately graduating with a PhD and no student loan debt – seriously!

JD also touches briefly on some of the stereotypes around tribal students and some of the differences between how money is viewed as a community.

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Season 1, Episode 28 | Show Notes

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Daphné Vanessa

Daphné Vanessa

Shamil Rodriguez

Shamil Rodriguez

Shamil and Daphné started the Student Loan Podcast in 2017 to address the exploding need to have conversations about a major issue impacting youth in today’s generation – student loan debt.  Join us on a journey to unpack student loan debt, and find solutions to get everyone closer to being student loan-debt free!

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